Our Vision

Our Vision is inexorably linked with our objectives. To be the best in what we do, through stringent quality standards that ensure that every product at Redon Exports is crafted to perfection with unmatched finish. On time delivery and thoroughly satisfying services are two other parameters which are of utmost importance to Redon Exports.

The brand propagates ethical practices and provides the customer a certification of purity of material. Following the line of ethical practice further, adequate policies are in place for the artisans who create the jewelry.

To achieve this, we must satisfy certain criteria as defined by the following objectives:

  1. 1.     We consider orders for large quantities, as well as we give equally importance to small quantities.
  2. 2.    With the help of our efficient work team, we try to keep the production lead-time to minimum, which         helps us to deliver the products on time.
  3. 3.     We are capable of doing very large quantities.
  4. 4.    With the kind of Expertise/Designers we have, we can always guide the Clients in designing a         particular product, so that they look fabulous.
  5. 5.     We always emerged ourselves in designing and producing new designs/samples to provide latest styles based on new themes to our trendy clients.
  6. 6.     Anticipate our customer's needs
  7. 7.     Understand their individual requirements
  8. 8.     Conduct each transaction in a professional manner
  9. 9.     Treat all customers with the utmost respect and courtesy
  10. 10.   Our Company is very much flexible in customization of products suits to their requirement.

By following these above principles, we believe that as a company we will be better equipped to meet the current and future demand of the people around the world and provide the level of service it both requires and deserves.

Our vision is to achieve quality & sustainable growth in the fashion world while trying to improve environmental & worker condition by focusing on following

We provide better place to work where we inspired people to be the best of their capabilities.

We always try to maintain healthy working relationship with clients, suppliers & subcontractors.

Keeping in mind for our planet our products are Eco friendly and they do not harm to our environment in any way also we do eco friendly packaging
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